When you first enter WorkPAL you will be greeted with a message from your organisation - this may be a video or text.

Once you have read or viewed this you'll tick the 'I have understood this' box. You will then have the choice between completing your self-assessment now, or later.

  • If you choose ‘Start Appraisal Now’ you will continue through this section of the User Guide
  • If you choose ‘Skip Appraisal for now’ then you will move to your Dashboard 

You'll then reach the self-assessment screen. You'll see your organisation's values across the top of the screen which you are expected to rate yourself against. You are thinking about your performance in the last appraisal year. 

You can rate yourself using the numbered buttons. 

Further down the page you are required to expand on your rating, giving evidence and explanation on why you deserve the score you have given yourself. 


If you have extra evidence, a document, file, image, etc. you can upload this by clicking the blue 'Browse file(s) to upload' button.


Once you're happy with your assessment, click 'Save & Next'.


You must add a rating and expand on this rating in words - the system will not let you continue with sections empty.


You continue this rating and discussion for your organisation’s values and then your objectives. 


The system will save (and tick) each section when you click 'Save & Next'. If you log out your progress will be saved. 

Once you have answered all of the questions, you will see the final page of the assessment:




Here you can see graphs to show you how you rated yourself for both sections of the assessment. You will see your behaviour and competence sections separately, click each header to switch between them.

You can add some final notes to remind yourself of things you would like to discuss with your manager.


When you reach the end of your self-assessment and you click ‘Finish’ your self-assessment will be sent to your appraiser and can no longer be edited. 

Video tutorials for this can be found here, if you prefer: https://youtu.be/JBic17R6uK4, https://youtu.be/ohlX662CDUQ