Once your staff member has completed their self-assessment, you will receive an email and a dashboard notification:


  1. Go to ‘My Team’
  2. Click into the staff member’s account
  3. Click ‘Please input rating for ~staff member~’



4. On the next screen, you can go through the assessment process of your staff member. You will do this blind, i.e. without viewing the scores that your staff member has inputted:




5. On the screen above, you will read the description of the behaviour, select a rating and add some notes. You can upload evidence, if you wish.

6. Once you have reached the end of the behaviours (and competencies, if your organisation has them), you will see a final page, similar to the self-assessment, with an overall bar chart of the scores. You can switch between Behaviour and Competence by clicking the titles:




7. On this page, you will have the opportunity to add in any final notes or maybe an agenda for the appraisal meeting.

8. Next you have to pick a date to release the ratings and the notes to your team member, this is very important to make sure it is in plenty of time before the meeting, you don't want to be meeting with an individual and surprising them, you want them to have seen the notes and had time to absorb them. Invariably, most managers will choose to release the ratings immediately.

9. Once you have finished, click ‘Finish’.

Video tutorials can be found here, if you prefer: https://youtu.be/iEd75HjXgTM