Managers of staff who in turn manage their own teams often ask how they can view the progress of the team as a whole.

WorkPAL was designed in a way that each member of staff has one appraiser assigned to them. Therefore only the assigned appraiser can access the full details of that staff member.

To access the staff you appraise, from the Dashboard click 'My Team' and then 'Team Summary'. 



Here you will see a list of the staff who are assigned to you. 

The table headings tell you whether the staff member has started and completed their self-assessment, whether their appraiser has started and completed their manager assessment, whether the appraisal meeting has taken place to agree the ratings. This appears as a progress bar filling left to right, with 'Complete' appearing once the whole process has been completed.

The end boxes tell you how many objectives, development points and pieces of evidence have been entered.

If you have staff on this list with a tick in the 'Their Team' column then you can click through to view their team.


You can use this feature to keep track of where your managers and their teams are up to in their appraisals. It shows you summary progress for all staff but you can’t see the detail as that is between that manger and their team member. WorkPAL is designed to support managers to take responsibility for their own teams.

You can keep clicking through to view the summary of all the staff within the hierarchy. For senior managers this is a dashboard of progress for their teams at a glance.

If you believe that there are staff missing from your team then please Raise a Support Ticket and send us the email addresses of your staff then we can assign them to you.

Video tutorials can be found here, if you prefer: