In the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click ‘My Objectives’. If you have any objectives already these will be shown on this page.



To add an objective click the blue ‘Add Objective’ button in the top right-hand corner.



On this page you will need to name your objective. You can describe the objective in more detail, add milestones and how it will be measured. All of these boxes need to be filled in order to save the objective.


Next you need to select a ‘Golden Thread’ which your objective will fulfil. You then need to select a start date. It is recommended to start it today. You’ll also need to select a date by which you want to complete the objective.


You can save the objective by clicking the blue ‘Save’ button in the bottom right, but only once all the boxes are filled.


If you do this without ticking the 'Ready for approval by Manager?' box you will see that the objective has the note that it has not been approved by a manager.



Once you are happy that you have added everything you want to the form click the ‘Ready for approval by Manager?’ box and the blue ‘Save’ button to send the objective form to your appraiser.


Unlike your self-assessment, all of these can be edited after you have completed the form. You can make changes to the form up until it is approved by your manager.

Video tutorials can be found here, if you prefer: