Once your objective has been approved by your manager you will receive an alert. You will receive an email and also find the objective in ‘My Alerts’ on your dashboard.

Click on the objective. 

Use the blue progress slider to update your progress and the comments box to document your progress. Your manager will be able to view your progress and comments.

You can add comments without updating the progress – add text and click the blue ‘Add Comment’ button. Once you have finished your update, click the ‘Save Progress’ button.

You can also find your objectives by clicking ‘My Objectives’ in the menu. From here you can again click on the objective box.

When you have completed an objective and slide the progress slider to 100%, two boxes will appear to add the actual start and completion dates of the objective. Select the dates and click the blue ‘Save Progress’ button.

You will then have to rate your completion of your objective, similar to in your self-assessment.

Select a rating and add a comment. Like your self-assessment you must add both a rating and supporting text in order to move on. 

Click the green ‘Next’ button and your objective will appear completed.

Video tutorials can be found here, if you prefer: https://youtu.be/vxGPcT_LCPU