If you are a manager/appraiser, and would like to see the previous assessments for a member of your team, you can do so, by following the steps below:


1.  Once logged in to WorkPAL, navigate to 'My Team':



2. Find the member of your team you wish to view and click into their account:



3.  Select 'Behaviours' or ‘Competencies’, depending on which part of the assessment you wish to view (we'll select Behaviours, but the process is the same for both):



4. On the next screen, select the appraisal period you wish to view from the dropdown box:



The ratings and notes will change to show those recorded in the selected appraisal period.  From here, you can 'Generate Report', if you wish to have a PDF to print off, or click into each of the Values and Behaviours to see the detail.


The screenshots are taken from our demo system, and do not show actual appraisals conducted in WorkPAL.