On your dashboard, you can see a chart with the ratings you entered during your self-assessment - split into 'Behaviours' and 'Competencies' - the name of your current appraiser and any actions you need to take. You will also see a list of your objectives and your alerts.



If you appraise staff, you will see ‘Actions For My Team’ and ‘Team Summary’, and your menu on the left hand side of the page will include ‘My Team’.


After your manager has completed their assessment of you, they will select a date on which to release the ratings to you.  On this date, your manager’s ratings will be added to the chart and you will be able to see the notes they added in the ‘My Behaviours’ and ‘My Competencies’ section.


Your manager cannot see your ratings or notes until after the release date.


Once you have completed your appraisal meeting with your appraiser, you will see a full chart on your dashboard with your rating, your appraiser’s rating and your agreed scores and can view the ratings and notes from each stage of the process in ‘My Assessments’ (split into ‘My Behaviours’/‘My Competencies’).