When you’re ready to conduct the appraisal with your staff member:


1.            Go to ‘My Team’

2.            Click into the staff member’s account, which will take you to the following page:




3.            Click ‘Start appraisal meeting now’

4.            You will see a message before you start to explain the process:




5.            Click 'Continue'.

6.            On the next screen, you can go through the assessment process with your staff member to agree or discuss the ratings you have both chosen:




7.            On the screen above, you can see the ratings chosen by your staff member and you, along with any notes you both added.

8.            Select a final rating, add in any final notes, then click ‘Save & Next’.

9.            Once you have reached the end of the behaviours, you will see a final page, similar to the self- and manager assessments, with an overall bar chart of the scores:




10.         On this page, you will have the opportunity to add in any final notes that you have discussed, to conclude the appraisal.

11.         Once you have both finished, click ‘Finish’.


You have now finished the assessment process!