As a manager, you will see your ‘Team Summary’ on your dashboard.  You will see how far through the appraisal process your staff are and how many objectives, development tasks and pieces of evidence your staff have added.

This table is also available under My Team, but in the My Team section, more functionality is available, such as showing whether your team manage any staff and being able to click through to an overview of where your team’s team are up to (by clicking the name of the person): 

If you are an appraiser, you will have an option on your left hand menu for ‘My Team’.  This page shows you at a glance who your staff are and where they are up to with their performance and development. 

If they have added one, you will see the profile picture of each member of your staff on this screen, along with their name, role and the number of behaviours, competencies, objectives, 1-2-1 conversations and development tasks they have. 

If there are actions for you to take for a staff member, there will be a notification to 

let you know:


To view the information about your staff, click the staff member. 


You will then see the following page: